Photoshop fun

I have never used photoshop in my life! My hubby is a graphic designer so he has obviously used photoshop so i have just never felt the need to learn, i just let him do his thing and i tell him what i need and away he goes. But sadly somehow something went wrong on his computer and his photoshop won’t open, we have no idea what he did, it would be an easy fix if we could find the disk but that seems to be missing also. 😦 So i decided to download the free trial onto my computer and kill 2 birds with one stone. first i could photoshop some much needed projects (with Hubby’s help of course) and two, to  learn photoshop (this way when we fix it after my 30day trial is up, i can do some of my own stuff 🙂 )

So My plan this month is to revamp my etsy shop and this blog. I want to give it all a much more uniform look and i’d like a new banner. More than that i’d like to be able to learn the coding so i can do my own blog design but since i failed computer programming in college i don’t think that will happen unless an angel comes my way and can help. 🙂

Anyway back to my photoshop… So tonight after i downloaded photoshop i decided to try it out. So with a little help from my hubby i designed a new banner for our family blog. i am so excited! i really like the way it turned out and i am so excited that i found a blog theme to match it. To check it out in full you’ll have to head over to ur family blog.

But here is the image….

Anyway i am super proud of my first project! 🙂 now i’m off to get the picture that is in my head into photo form for my etsy shop/blog banner.


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