I’m not Yellow


But my new skirt is! I bought this beautiful mustard yellow thin cord fabric at the discount fabric store, they had about a yard left not on the bolt so i bought it up pondering the posability of it being turned into a straight skirt. Being that i am fast approaching my 3rd trimester i knew i needed to figure out how to make it a maternity skirt, so i also bought some yellow jersey to make a belly band. 

So what I did to make it is….

1) fold the fabric in half lengthwise. 

2) trimmed it slightly longer than the desired length so that I knew I wold have room to play with the hem. 

3) I then stitched the open side closed. 

4) Next I took my Jersey and cut a piece the size of the belly band on my favorite maternity jeans. 

5) I then stitched my jersey to the skirt. To do this I placed the two right sides together (Jersey into the cord) and stitched all the way around. I also lined up the seam of the jersey with the seam on the skirt. as I stitched around I stretched the jersey so it would be the same size as the cord.

6) I think hemmed the bottom of the skirt and zig zag stitched the top of the Jersey.

And then I was done and have a great maternity skirt and once baby is here I’ll probably take in the back seam so that i can still wear it. 🙂

for good measure here is a picture of the belly 🙂 (please put aside the dirtiness of my mirror!!!) and if your interested in the necklace I’m wearing you can check it out here.


5 Comments on “I’m not Yellow”

  1. CUTE! I’m totally going to the fabric store in search of something similar. I need a great maternity skirt. Fantastic necklace too. Love love love.

  2. Megan says:

    How cute! You look darling!

  3. Anne says:

    Ohhhh, that is AWESOME!! I wish I had had a skirt like that when I was preggos with my daughter.

    I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
    (link will go live at 10:30am CST.)


  4. […] Who says you have to spend your entire maternity time wearing dowdy clothes?  Sherrie from Domesticday created a maternity version of a pencil skirt that is anything but dowdy, and shares a tutorial telling how she did it.  Get the how-to. […]

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