Nursing Covers

Nursing covers are by far one of the easiest things i sew. I started sewing them as shower gifts for my friends but have since began keeping a stock of them in my etsy shop

the one above was a custom order but its one of my favorites not because of the fabric but because of some of the changes i have made in my pattern. this time around i stitched ribbon as the neck strap and its stitched on both sides to the cover so there are no D rings which leaves out the worry of a cover slipping. I also used different Boning on this than normal. instead of the fabric covered stuff i usually get prepackaged at the local fabric store, this time i used some by the yard boning that is a little wider and not fabric covered. i doubled it up inside the top hem of the  nursing cover and it seems to be a bit heavier than the normal stuff. 

To sew your own nursing cover its pretty simple all you need is a yard of fabric, 13 inches of Boning, and ribbon for you neck strap. Simply hem your fabric all the way around, and stitch your Boning into the top hem at the center point. then attach your ribbon at a length that is suitable to you and your good to go! happy nursing!!!


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