Blanket Binding part 1

So this week i hung out with one of my favorite and very talented friends. While looking at these beautiful coin quilts someone made for her ever so cute kiddos we got to talking about how to finish a blanket without using blanket binding. I hate blanket binding, i used it once last year on a blanket for my baby and it was awful it was really hard for me use so with all the blankets i have made since we have avoided blanket binding. I promised my friend i would take photos of how i do it so she could see, so i have decided to do a 2 part tutorial on how i bind my blankets and still give them a pretty finished edge. Before i go on i am prefacing my photos with a note: i am using scraps and not actually sewing these for any purpose so my measurments are not perfect so please ignore the sloppyness of my fabric i only sewed for the purpose of a tutorial on how to do the binding. 

with that said here is the first way we do blanket bindings around here and well the simpler of the two…..

1) Cut your two blanket sides. if you want a 2 inch blanket hem around your blanket then you will cut the back of the blanket to be 2 1/2 inches larger than your top fabric all the way around. (In this example i used my backing to bind and make the pretty edge on my front, but i have done the reverse)

2) You are going to fold your binding edge. you will fold the backing up over the front at the exact edge of the front. then tuck in your 1/2inch rough edge and pin.

3) When all sides are pinned you are going to stitch all the way around on the inner edge of your folded backing. for the corners you can do one of two things… first you can always stitch from edge to edge so it will make a cross in the corner


or you can just stich all the way around on that inner side and leave a little flap. i ususally do the first it lays nicer. but you have options!

and your done!


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