Blanket binding part 2

As i prefaced with yesterday please ignore the sloppyness of my fabric cutting and measuring in the photos below, i used scraps for the sole purpose of showing how i do my binding. 🙂

With that said here is the second of the 2 ways i give my blankets binding edges without using blanket binding….

1) cut your top fabric to your desired size.

2) out of your backing fabric cut 2 strips the length of your front fabric…

3) pin strips to your top fabric right sides together and stitch outer edge…

4)  press open your newly created seams…

5) Cut 2 more strips out of your fabric backing the width of your front with the new edges…

6) repeat steps 3 and 4

7) Cut your blanket back the same size as your front with binding edges…

8) place right sides together and stitch all the way around outer edge leaving a space to turn blanket rightside.

9) turn blanket right side, fold in rough edge and top stitch all the way around…

and your all done!


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