My first quilt square

I have never had a desire to quilt, EVER! when my mom told me she wanted to learn i told her to have fun. The idea of cutting out all these small pieces and stitching them together just seemed like so much work to me and i just didn’t want to have to have the patience. Since then i have fallen in love with amy butler and so i agreed to go with my mom to a quilting class. 

My Mom and i looked at the sample of the square we were gonna make and we both wondered “are we gonna like this”, but we picked out our fabric and cut it into fat quarters (we used our own fabric not the precut fat quarters in hopes of liking it better 🙂 ). and We headed off to class. We learned some awesome new sewing tricks and both ended up loving our finished project! 

I decided to turn my quilt square into a pillow for my bed as i had picked out fabric to match a pillow i already have on the bed.

Now I’m gonna make baby #2 a coin quilt (I’m in love with the ones a friend has for her kiddos!)


One Comment on “My first quilt square”

  1. […] quilting with Mom April 17, 2010 by domesticday My mom is the reason i sew. She signed me up for after school classes when i was a kid where i learned to handsew, which i did into my 20s. Then at christmas just before my 25th birthday i asked my mom to show me how to make her signature apron and so i learned to machine sew. Her and my mom then gave me a sewing machine from storage and i took off. My mom & I have been sewing together ever since . a few months ago we started taking quilting classes together (remember my first quilt square). […]

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