Cake Lollipops

So I have fallen in love with Cake lollipops, they are basically cake balls on a stick. I keeping seeing them on some wedding sites and someone brought some to an event at church one day and ever since (even never have tried one) I have been wanting to learn to make them. 

And So as chatter came up this week with a friend about a shower she is planning for me and a girls craft night at her house this coming up week the cakepops came up and well i decided at 7pm to head to the store to get what I needed and make the cake pops in time for my Tuesday morning moms group at church.

So here is how i made them…

First of all you used the recipe found at Bakerella. (Be sure to check out for the ingredient list and detailed instructions)

Step 1: Make and let cake cool (i used a vanilla cake)

Step 2: Mix cooled cake with container of cream cheese frosting… Turned out my cake wasn’t as cooled as i though so the frosting melted into the cake a bit, made it all kinda gooey (but still yummy)

Step 3: Roll into balls and place on cookie sheet to cool. (i put mine in the fridge overnight- after all by this point it was 11pm)

before we put them in the fridge we stuck sticks into each ball. I also rolled them twice the size as i didn’t want to be dipping 50 balls. 

Step 4: Melt chocolate and begin dipping the cake balls. This for us was a 2 part process, because the balls were bigger they were harder to dip. so the first step for us was sealing the stick to the ball. We did this by putting chocolate around the meeting point and letting it harden…

then we used a knife to cover the rest of the ball in chocolate…

Step 5: let Chocolate harden. Because the balls were so much bigger than the recipe called for we turned them upside down into cupcake wrappers.

Step 6: Enjoy! (once the chocolate was hard we were totally able to eat these guys as a lollipop)

Overall these were so fun to make, but they were for sure not a task to be doing so late at night when I needed them so early the next morning, I’d say to give yourself a day if your gonna make them. and not to rush any of the cooling/setting steps.

and check out other recipes on the site, my next recipe to try is the pie on a stick!


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  1. Thank you, I went to the website and it’s great.

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