stop and smell the flowers

It’s february and with february comes valentines day; With valentine’s day comes chocolate and flowers and Love! The flowers are my favorite part! I love Gerber daisy’s especially orange ones that come wrapped in brown paper with no frillies! I just like them fresh-cut, plain, simple and fun! So to start off the month I thought we would spend the first week smelling the flowers or making them as is the case here. 

Our First flower is my make and take from CHA which i brought home to make.

To make this flower you need some scrap pieces of fabric and coordinating felt. And then follow these simple steps:

1) First sketch out your flower shape in 2 sizes, one large one small.

2) Cut Two of the large flower (one from felt and one from your scrap fabric.

3) cut one small flower out of felt.

4) Lay each flower on top of the next, slightly turning each time so they don’t lay identical to each other but rather fill in the gaps between petals.

5) Stitch all layers together in the center (note you can do more than the 3 layers I did, it’s all in what you want) Optional: you can also stitch the shape of the petals like you see in the CHA sample here…

6) Stitch your button into the center and your flower is done!

Now what to do with the flower? you can attach it to a pin, Onesie, broach. 

So what is your favorite flower?


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