Day 2 of smelling the flowers

Before i jump into the fabric flower of the day I’m curious what is the best way you’ve ever received flowers? My favorite memory of getting flowers is when my stepdad had some delivered to me at work. I had never had flowers delivered to me EVER! and I had no idea. It was pretty cool for a bouquet to show up on my desk for me!

So todays flower was a little intimidating to me so much so that i bought some at CHA just incase the ones i made didn’t turn out the way i wanted. So here is the inspiration (not the best shot as it was from my phone)…

So to make my version of the flower you will need some felt for the petals and matching or contrasting thread. for the added touches like the one above you will also need a mini pom pom for the center and some yarn.
Now to get started making it…
1) Cut out 5 petals.
2) Layer the 5 petals overlapping each other to look like a flower.
3) stitch the petals together with a hand needle and thread.
I liked my stitching so i stopped there. But to continue you on you would….
4) Stich the yarn (2 straight stitches) per petal starting at the center.
5) glue pom pom in center.
Here is my finished project next to the inspiration…
now what to do with these itty bitty flowers? My plan is to attach them to some homemade Anthropologie elastic style headbands I’m working on this week and will share next week.¬†
What do you plan to do with yours?

One Comment on “Day 2 of smelling the flowers”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love the yarn details on the yellow one! Great idea.

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