Day 3 of Smelling the flowers

What’s Your favorite color? Do you pick your flowers based on the color of your decor or do you just always get your favorite color? I Love orange gerber daisies! but they haven’t always coordinated with my decor, that has never stopped me though. Something about the color just brightens my day!

Todays flower is another of my favorite colors, a mustard yellow!

This flower was a fun one to make. While at CHA we saw a worker at one of the booths wearing something similar. We never got a close up look at it, so i did this from what i think the flower looked like.

All you need is some felt and a button.

Step 1: Cut out circles, Mine aren’t perfect and yours don’t have to be either. Heck you could even cut them a little rough or scalloped around the edge to add for more texture

Step 2: Layer your circles… to do this start with your first layer as one open circle. Then you for the next layer you will fold in half two circles and lay them folds together.

I did two layers of the folded before my last layer.. an open circle.

3) Hand stitch all the layers together be sure your stitches are wide enough to catch each of the folded petals in a single layer. 

4) stitch on your button in the center.

And your done! Now you can attach this to a broach, or the trim of a scarf. How fun would it be! I wonder what i’ll do with mine.


One Comment on “Day 3 of Smelling the flowers”

  1. Leslie says:

    look at you flower maker go…
    btw… I buy based on my decor….

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