Day 6 smelling flowers….

Are you married? Did you have flowers at your wedding? I had the most minimal amount of flowers as possible. I just couldn’t wrap my head around paying for flowers particularly center pieces and arrangements. So when i got married we got creative with anything we could. I even wanted to make my girls bouquets out of tuling but my mom put a stop there. So we bought the bouquets and corsage.

Today’s flowers would be perfect for a wedding, if you so choose, or for a prom. Today’s flowers are actually two different flowers actually. Both are made using Organza. The first is a boutinere flower. But really you don’t have to turn it into a boutinere if you didn’t want to. I got the idea from my friend Jesi. She made the same flower out of paper bag, but i wanted to see if i could replicate it from fabric. Tell me what you think…..

To make it i started with square piece of organza and cut out the spiral as Jesi instructed.

I then rolled it and put a little stitch in the end to keep the layers all together.

Unlike Jesi’s i kept my flower tight to look more than a boutinere flower. When i was done i wrapped the bottom in flower tape.

It was so fun to make! i really enjoyed this flower. When i was done i knew i need a corsage to make a complete set. I had read a recent blog on making flowers out of Organza and thought i would give them a try…

To start i cut out my flower shape (I used my template from day 1), Then using my embossing gun i headed up the edges so that they would curl. I then layered each of the 4 flowers i had cut and curled, placing the ones that had curled a little more on top. When they were all layered i stitched them together in the center and then sandwiched them between a button (for the flowers center) and  a piece of ribbon (to make it a wrist corsage). I had visions of doing more to the corsage accenting it with a few felt balls sliced in half but the one flower seemed large enough and simple enough to be its own corsage for now….

this was another fun and very simple flower to make, it only took a few minutes and it could be used in so many ways not just as a corsage flower. What ways would you use this flower?


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