Day 7 of smelling the flowers

So these flowers are not fabric as has been the theme all week but they were just as fun if not more so. mostly because i got to make them with an amazing talented friend, Jesi Haack. She is by far one of the most talented wedding planners that i’ve seen. i love her style! She had a decor challenge and when planning her centerpiece she thought of me  and the felted balls i made. i wanted to incorporate them into her design as Billy ball flowers. So fun!!! Check it out…

Want to make them yourself? Here’s how……


1 bowl of hot water and 1 bowl of cold water (or a running faucet, but remember to turn it off in between rinsing to conserve water)

Soap (We used seventh generation dish soap but i’ve also used method hand soap, liquid seems to work best)

Natural wool roving (we got our’s at joanns)

Wood skewers to put the balls into your flower arrangement

Now to get going….

Step one- Find something to entertain the kiddos or you may find some little hands and little people splashing in your bowl of water like mine was. 🙂 Maybe give them their own bowl of water in a water safe surface (such as outdoors)

Step two- Cut a piece of the roving (the large the piece the larger the ball) I recommend starting small the first time to get the hang of it. and tie a knot in the center….

Step three- Fan out the sides, but don’t separate the roving or it will cause a split in the finished ball.

Step Four- Wrap the fanned out sides around the knot in the center doing your best to create a ball/bunch

Step five- put a dab of dish soap in the palm of your hand and roll your ball/bunch through it covering it as best you can, but don’t use more than a dime sizes dab of soap.

Step Six- Dip the ball in hot water…

Step Seven- roll the wet soapy bunch into a ball shape (like your rolling play dough) every time your hands and the ball get soap rinse it in hot water to rinse off the excess soap. The bunch/ball should become a ball shape and as you continue the process you want to roll faster and with more pressure continuing to create a tighter ball. Depending on the size of the ball you are making this step may be repeated a few times.

Step Eight-  once you feel like the ball is getting pretty firm and the soap since to be suddsing less then after you dip your hot water rinse you are going to do a cold water rinse to start setting the shape. Continue to roll faster and apply more pressure. you may to repeat this double dipping step a few times before the soap is less obvious. Once you reach that move onto step 8

Step Nine- Do one final roll that is quick and with lots of pressure to get out any extra water. then set your ball to dry a bit

Step Ten- Stick ball on the skewer and place in your arrangement.

Overall each ball should take about 3-6 minutes depending on the size of the ball. Overall its a quick and fun process which you can do all in front of your favorite show!

Thank you Jesi for thinking of me! And her husband Mr. Haack and friend Melody Brandon for the awesome photos!


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