cozy feet

I hope you all enjoyed flower week, I certainly had a fun afternoon making all those flowers. So much so that on a recommendation of a friend i think i’m gonna make some to sell in my etsy shop. In the meantime I back to finishing up my me projects, almost done sewing them got one left to sew, but i have been so busy i haven’t blogged most so here we go……

For Christmas i got a gift certificate for one of my favorite fabric stores, i decided to use it for fabric to make myself a few sweet treats. The first sweet treat i made myself was some cozy feet! well some cute slippers that is. I used the Weekend sewing book, and stitched up the guest-room slippers. Being my first ever pair of slippers or shoes it had a few difficult parts but overall it was super fun to make and i really like them. i love the shinny dot fabric on the outside its very fancy! 🙂

and the inside flowers are so fun!

the soles which you can’t see are blanket stitched on which is very sloppy being my first ever attempt at it. But i did use corduroy for the soles and i like it, they don’t slip but they were easy to stitch through.

Have you ever made slippers before? know any tricks incase i decided to try it again?


One Comment on “cozy feet”

  1. Taylor says:

    ooh, I have the one yard wonders book on request from the library, can’t wait to check it out! Cute blog!

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