Inspiration wall

Ever since we rearranged furniture to make room for the new baby I have been madly working at trying to fill the blank wall that was once covered by a bookcase. I have decided to make it into an inspiration/organization wall. so far i love it! I’m not finished yet but here is a peak at it so far….

It includes the embroidery hoops my hubby made me for christmas ( we are still planning on adding our silhouettes), and some fabric covered cork boards. I also included a clothes pin which is holding the birdie that Brooke sent me for our ornament exchange over christmas.

To make the corckboards i bought a pack at target and then cut them down to the sizes i wanted. I then covered them with the fabric scraps from my first quilt squares. I like them a lot they are adding a little inspiration to my sewing time. πŸ™‚

Next to all this is my organization… Its a mail sorter i made from the left over fabric that i used in my living room for my pillows and glider. (incase you want to know what they look like, i plan to take a crafting break once baby is here and will use the time to go back and show you last years projects that i made before i blogged)

The pattern came from my new favorite sewing book One-yard wonders. i made one adjustment from the “Hanging wall Pocket” pattern. Instead of using grommets at the top i made fabric tabs, which a curtain rod can go through if i ever decided to use one to hang it. I also hand-stamped each of the twill tape labels….

Such a fun project to make, quick and easy. and oh did i mention i actually used the interfacing as the pattern called for! Go me for not short cutting for once! πŸ™‚

Well that’s my wall so far, still got a few more projects to do, hopefully will find the materials i need at the thrift store to finish them. Do you have an inspiration wall? what does it look like? Link it here i’d love to see.


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