loving this giveaway!

So i’ve been sick since friday so no sewing/crafting for me 😦 but in the meantime while i internet surf from my hospital bed (don’t worry baby and i are well being here is cautionary) i did find this awesome giveaway and oh so cute playhouses!!! check it out… this playhouse is the one in pining over and hoping to win! you can see all the available ones at mrs. pretty’s shop.

Pirate Card Table Playhouse, Personalized, Custom Order, Includes Cool Pirate Messenger Bag

the fit over card tables, or she can do them custom to fit over any table of your desire. she even will do some that are tall enough for the kiddos to stand under, you just have to build the pvc frame. how fun!!! could you not just see your kids playing forever in these! imaginative play at its best!

so now that your in love i bet your wondering where you can win one, well not that i want the competion but i’ll tell you anyway cause its the cutest blog… its called Mary Janes and Galoshes.

so are you loving it?!?!?


2 Comments on “loving this giveaway!”

  1. Leslie says:

    I was just thinking i bet you would lug your sewing machine in there if you could..

    btw.. my friend just hand made one of these and I got a first hand look at it… these are darling and ever so lovely.

    • domesticday says:

      you know i would bring my sewing machine! if i could actually open my eye better i would be working on the rest of the owls i need to finish for harvey’s vday gifts but i’ve afraid that is to much small focus for my eyes right now. 😦 so instead i etsy/window shop 🙂 and i am so thinking about making one of these we should each make one we could keep eachother motivated!

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