girly touches!

beings that i am the girl in a family of boys (i have one son, another son on the way, my husband, even our dog is a boy) i love the girly touches. I have always been a girly girl and so i took the time to craft myself some girly things…. headbands and head scarves!

let’s take these fun little guys one style at a time…

the first are the thin ones i followed Ruffles and stuff’s tutorial. i tried machine stitching the elastic band to the trim as she did but i found that to be a bit difficult. i think handstiching was a bit easier.

not sure which is my favorite they were all so fun! i can’t wait to make more in a few weeks at a friends make and take night.

The next headband was kinda fun! i used the dish towel my hubby bought me for christmas from Anthropology (he saw it knew i’d like it and bought one for me, he didn’t really have a purpose or intention) So after much deliberation about what i wanted to do with this single towel, i knew i didn’t want to ruin it in the kitchen so i cut it in half (diagonally) and turned it into a head band.

i don’t remember where i saw the tutorial for how to do it, but i used a pony tail holder to close off the bottom and make it stretchy….

the last of the headscarves was some fun fabric i picked up with my christmas fabric store cash and i used the pattern out of weekend sewing… 

it was a pretty simple pattern to follow and only took about 15 minutes to sew up. and it fit perfect. i loved it!

all these projects can be finished in a few minutes time and added a little touch of girly to my life of boys so i’m excited. maybe i’ll make some up for the etsy shop.


One Comment on “girly touches!”

  1. cherrie says:

    You’re a clever girl!!

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