Loving Affirmations

I was at a loss for what to make my hubby for valentines day, especially with the crazy week i had with being in the hospital. Then i was reading this book a friend gave me called “created to be his help meet”.  Its a little bit more conservative than i am but basically its a book on being a more biblical wife. Anyway that is all beside the point, the point is in the chapter i was reading the author shared some advice that really struck me she said  “no man has ever crawled out from under his wife’s criticism to be a better man- no matter how JUSTIFIED her condemnation.” It got me thinking about how many affirmations i over up to my hubby throughout the day/week/month. and so i thought, That’s it i’m gonna make him an affirmation jar for valentines day! I included 31 affirmations (one for each day of the month) plus a few extra’s (cause you all know some days we need to hear a few more affirmations).

to make your own affirmation jar all you need is a few minutes and a few easy supplies….


A Jar (i used a baby food jar)

some strips of paper cut into little rectangles (i cut after i put the word on)

Pen or stickers or other things with words like magazine cut outs

Decorations for the side and lid of the jar


1)Write one word on each little strip and put in your jar.

2)Decorate your jar as desired (mine has my hubby’s name on the side, and on the top it says… when i think of you i think….

3) open your jar daily and read your affirmation of the day


3 Comments on “Loving Affirmations”

  1. Leslie says:

    sweet Sherrie.. so sweet..

    and I enjoyed that part of created to be his help mate too.. 🙂

    I did this for Nick to help him survive Cades pregnancy when I was way hormonal.

  2. domesticday says:

    thanks leslie! and i had being meaning to ask if you had heard of that book. i’m loving it!!!!! i didn’t know if i would but i really like it.

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