Sweet Treats

The week has gotten a little away from me while i attended all my follow-ups from last week’s hospital extravaganza. so there has been little crafting and little photo taking this week. But i did want to share the sweet treats that got me through the last little home stretch last week…..

I had been taken for a baby check so i was out of my room but when i arrived back, on the table waiting for me were these amazing treats hand delivered by a friends husband….

there were yummy muffins with flags (because muffins just taste better with flags!)

and a baggie full of goodies, including some note cards, a CD (which my friend’s husband originally  burned for her when she was in the hospital and prego), a Candy bar, and it was all sealed with a flower she made herself! how cute is it!!!!!

it was such a nice little treat to get me through. I also had several people bring me dinner which is good cuase otherwise i woulda starved i don’t eat hospital food and so i ate pudding and cereal when there was no food brought in. 🙂

My Mother in law also sent flowers…

gerber daisy’s, my favorite!!! and two sewing magazines Which by day 3 i could kinda read as the swelling around my eye had gone down significantly!!

I am so appreciative of all the treats i was brought last week, they all added a little touch to the week!


3 Comments on “Sweet Treats”

  1. Leslie says:

    and I too just got the sweetest of sweetest pick me ups… which came at a really really perfect time… thank you, how cute is that.. Nick chuckled as I opened it and said.. she knows you! 🙂 hahaha…

    thank you friend.. we appreciate you and your prayers.. and so so thankful your feeling better.
    sorry its taking awhile to reply.. lots of crazy things going on over here…. just trying to regroup and find a plan.

  2. Leslie says:

    oh I like this header. but was loving the silver machine… a lot a lot.

  3. domesticday says:

    really? thnx! maybe i’ll play around with it and see if i can make the other machine work to. The one in this header is one of my machines. its old but i love the color so i won’t get rid of it! 🙂

    and i’m glad you liked your package! it was intended for earlier in the week when you were all sick but considering your week i’m glad it got there and cheered you up! Prayers are still coming your way and i know God will bless the regrouping!

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