pirate attack

If you know me then you know that my husband loves pirates and so most baby stuff is pirates around here!!! When we were prego with Harvey my husband I each picked a project and we found some cute pirate fabric, I choose to sew a jacket and he choose to make some booties. we cut out our pieces and then came Harvey and so the sewing got put off and put off and put off again! until now that is, now that i’m pregnant with #2!

So first i finished the jacket i started. I used Simplicity pattern 3582…..

i kind of think i had originally intended for the pirates to be on the inside but oh well. the only alteration I made to the pattern was I left off the collar because it just wasn’t working for me. Other than that the pattern was pretty easy to sew. the lining was a little scary I don’t know that i stitched it per the instructions but it turned out in the end. 🙂

The second project i finished up were the pirate booties my hubby started.

The pattern came fromAmy Butler’s Little Stitches book. My hubby did all the attaching of interfacing but when it came to stitching them he was slightly confused and so was I. So now a year later I decided to finish them. I went very slowly step by step and did exactly as it said without over thinking it and they ended up coming out pretty good for my first attempt at booties. they are small (Harv had tiny feet) so I’m hoping Levi does to so that he will get a chance to wear them. we are thinking about trying the pattern again just a bigger size. we’ll see that is in the future list. 🙂

for now back to sewing for Levi, i need to finish his ring staker, a differnt style bootie, and possibly a couple other things i have in mind for him including a swaddling blanket and maybe a peek a boo quilt for play time.


3 Comments on “pirate attack”

  1. How cute are the pirate booties!?! Love it!

  2. Steph says:

    I love the pirate baby stuff! So cute and way more interesting than the usual blue-and-sports-or-puppies stuff you find for boys. Very creative! 🙂

  3. domesticday says:

    Thnx ladies! and yes steph we are not so into the blue/sports/puppies thing. we much prefer pirates!

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