March Madness

I have been so busy crafting and getting through my to do list before the new baby comes that i havn’t had a ton of time to photograph the latest and blog them. But I will tomorrow! In the meantime i’ve been finding lots of fun things to work on in march…

1) I’m gonna make my way through my pillow case craft challange book.

2) Make my way through my scrap pile and turn the scraps into a quilt (i plan to do it as a quilt along)

3) I’m loving this pillowcase tank top…

Ladies Auty Top ,YOU PICK THE FABRIC, over 100 sold, get ready for spring time

4. and this fruit bowl i found at V and Co.

5) I am also loving MADE‘s Boy month and have found some good makes for my boys on there….

like this pants

and activities…

and the 90min shirt…

6) I’m loving this dress from Angry chicken and once baby is here i’m gonna start working on one similar for my Brother in Law’s wedding in october…Lime

7) and from MaryJanes and Galoshes… i’m loving this piggy bank and tatoo shirt

and match game and case…

8) From Thimbly things i’m loving this tank top…

9) i’ve been wanting a neck Cowl for a while i feel in love with some on etsy but i could never find one to make myself until i found this @ This Mama Makes Stuff

I even have the perfect pin already!

10) I just want to get through the pile of fabric is setting here and see what i can sew with the stuff that doesn’t have a purpose already 🙂

Well that is what my heart is desiring for the month of march here’s to hoping for the time to do it all before baby 🙂


3 Comments on “March Madness”

  1. Taylor says:

    ooh, what a cute list, I love the angry chicken dress too and hadn’t seen it until here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. domesticday says:

    Thnx! it is a super cute dress, it reminds me of one that simplicity has a pattern for that i have been wanting to sew thanks to a friend of mine who fell in love with the ruffle collar 🙂

  3. paperform says:

    that little kid with the blond is so darn cute!

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