pretty pretty necklaces

I love necklaces, but i have stayed away from them this past year, with a little one ready to pull on them its kinda hard to wear accessories. But he is getting older and so I’ve been trying to sneak them in when I can. I have been inspired lately to create a few.

the first ones I made were inspired by Disney from Ruffles and Stuff

This one is her Jcrew inspired necklace and i made it using the kit i got from her sister’s etsy shop. (it came super fast and was really easy to make!)

This one is her Banana Republic inspired  necklace. She painted her lace to match her chain, which i contemplated a lot and so delayed on making it. But in the end my hubby said he liked the color contrast and it matches a dress i sewed and have yet to sew so i kept it as is. I also decided to go with a ribbon tie closure which i liked and it helped me to make my chain longer if i needed depending on the shirt i wear it with.

The last necklace i made is from a tutorial i found in the latest issue of Quick stuff to sew (which my MIL gave me while i was in the hospital a couple weeks ago). I altered a bit from the original. i didn’t use as many flowers as they did, i swapped out the sequin center for a pearl and i only used organza for the flowers. I really love the way it turned out! i can’t wait to wear it! My favorite part is that the flowers go up the side instead of being in the bottom center.

well those are my first hand at jewelry making, kinda fun and not as scary as i thought it was gonna be.


2 Comments on “pretty pretty necklaces”

  1. I really really like the first necklace, and I like that green with the whiteish color.


  2. […] my newest piece of handmade jewlery (made in the same fashion as my Ruffles and stuff inspired lace necklace) Its a ruffled […]

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