PIF treats

Arriving in the mail this week (with great timing, as i was needing a pick me up) was my first package of PIF treats. (i entered 2 PIFs). These treats came all the way from Australia from Nova @ A Card a Day.

I couldn’t wait to open all the little treats, inside was a key ring, tissue holder, and 2 coasters! they are so cute. i love the colors the fabric and the goodies! They are so fun!!!! and they came with a sweet little postcard note!

So excited! Also this week i finished and dropped in the mail my first PIF to a commenter but i don’t want to blog about it until she gets it. Its just so fun to be surprised when you open up your PIF! I promise you’ll see it soon! There are still spots open if your interested!

2 Comments on “PIF treats”

  1. Steph says:

    I have not forgotten that I owe you a PiF item…just got backlogged. Sorry! Now I’ve got to make you something super-awesome to compensate for the long wait. 😉

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