a little thrifting

I know i’m falling behind on bloging. But we have been doing some thrifting around here lately and i thought i would share some finds! each trip was about $3-5. Trip one was at a little shop out in elsinore that i went to with a friend. i got the sheet there along with a candle stick holder (pictured in tomorrow’s post) and a big jar which I intend to use as a vase but left it in elsinore with a friend for use at a shower until i could decide how i wanted to use it here.

Then a couple weeks ago my hubby took me to a local thrift store where we found some great finds! i found the patterns (i’m excited to make the robe even though my hubby laughed at it) and i found the embroidery hoops. not exactly sure what i’m gonna use them for yet. but i loved the big one! and i am so excited to hang them on my inspiration wall. suggestions on what to put in them?

I did a bit more thrifting for my birthday this weekend with my hubby but you’ll have to wait and see the finished products to see what we found for $3


One Comment on “a little thrifting”

  1. Leslie says:

    this photo is such a visual treat…I totally need to give you your vase!

    and I got kicked of fb last night.. but yes yes yes to the taste and see…I will so help.

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