Sew Along (Felt Playhouse)

I’m a little behind on blogging but i’ve been keeping up with making my felt playhouse. However we decided to change the theme. we are still going to make the pirate ship but first we decided to make a barn as a gift for my mom for mothers day/ birthday. So are ready to see the last 3 weeks worth of work?

Here we go….

Week 1- Side 1:

the barn doors (obviously) 🙂 I am probably going to go back and add a horse shoe above the door i think it needs it. but i like my hubby’s idea of doing one closed door and then leaving the open space like the other door is open.

Week 2: Side 2

Piggy in the mud! 🙂 My mom loves farm animals but the pig is by far her favorite so the barn needed a pig of course!!! The piggy’s tail isn’t stuck down the boys can play with the curly Q! and there is a window for the boys to look out when inside the playhouse.

Week 3: Side 3

Cowabunga! my moms second favorite farm animal is the cow. there are cows everywhere in her house!!! and so her barn has a cow who is chilln under the apple tree. (the 3d apples of course that are on by velcro so the boys can take them down and collect them and play with them)

Well those are my 3 weeks/sides so far. only a few more to go and we will be all done!

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2 Comments on “Sew Along (Felt Playhouse)”

  1. Leslie says:

    this is my favorite thing I think you have ever made.. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE IT!

    • Sherrie Williams says:

      your so sweet! when i go to start the pirate one you should make one with me for your kiddos. I really want to do a grocery shop i think it would be fun.

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