Dollar store crafting

I have been working on coming up with some dollar store crafts to find one i like for entering in the Living With Lindsay challange. So this is my first project, i’m gonna do one more (which will probably be the one I enter). Anyway this is a prayer bowl and here’s the how to….

Supplies from the $1 store:

1. Bag of decor stones 

2. a bowl big enough for the bag of stones

Supplies on hand:

1. piece of chalk or letter stickers

2. black paint

3. black marker (i suggest a permenant one)

How to:

1. using painters tape, tape off a space to paint with your black paint (i used chalkboard paint i had on hand)

2. paint the open taped off space according to the paints instrunctions. and let dry.

3. using chalk write the title of your bowl. mine is a prayer bowl so each stone will have a prayer written on it that is being handed over to God. so the title of our bowl is prayers.

4. write on your stones. for the prayer stones, on one side we write the prayers that we are offering up to God and then on the other side we are going to write how God answered those prayers.

simple huh? so what else besides prayers do you plan to use your stone bowl for?


One Comment on “Dollar store crafting”

  1. What a beautiful way to honor God! Nice.

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