Burdastyle Apron Contest

I was so excited when i saw this contest on Burdastyle to remake their two tone apron. the rules were simple and the challange was to add your own little touches. To make it i pulled out my scraps and started cutting. i added two of my own touches, the first being the hand towel (i do this on all my hostess style aprons). The second touch was a new one, i added two oven mitts. one in each of the bottom corners on the back side. The idea is that this apron will be an all in one apron, you’d never have to worry about finding a towel to dry your hands while cooking and your oven mitts to check your hot dish will always be handy at the bottom of apron. Hopefully i can get some action shots of the apron this weekend.

4 Comments on “Burdastyle Apron Contest”

  1. Callipygian says:

    I sometimes add the hand towel too. The oven mitts are an interesting addition, keep us posted on whether or not they’re actually handy (ha, an unintended pun!) or if they don’t really work in practice.

    • domesticday says:

      i love the hand towel my mom started doing that when i was a kid, i’ve never seen anyone else ever do it. the oven mitts i’ve seen before but i’ve never done it. i hope it works good.

  2. […] Please vote March 31, 2010 tags: apron, burdastyle, Contest by domesticday So my apron made it to the top 50! and the voting has begun, so i’m asking all of you to head over to burda style and vote for my apron. voting ends tomorrow at 11:59 EST. to see more on my apron you can read my original post. […]

  3. makeitgiveit says:

    Very cute! I just found this post from link. I’m planning some pretty aprons for myself too. I’m going to have fun looking around your site. Lovely stuff.

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