Chalkboard paint fun

Total this whole wall cost me only a few dollars plus the cost of chalkboard paint (about $5 a color and i used two). But it was a fun wall to design and make.

first were the clipboards, i got them at the dollar tree and taped off the square area using painters tape and then painted them per the containers instrunctions. Each board service a purpose in how we run our household…

1st and formost is prayer, prayer for our own home, our family, friends and their needs and so on.

2nd thing we have is our acts of service (also known as chores). we adopted the new name for chores last year after i took a spirtual parenting class at our church. i liked the idea of calling them acts of service becuase really chores are the way we serve eachother in this house.

the small boards are misc. info our shopping list of things we need and dates we need to remember.

Above the clipboards is my favorite new addition to our household, its our blessing board. I got the idea recently to have a verse or blessing board which we can write a memorization verse on for the kids (when they can learn to memorize in a few years) and that we would pray over them. Currently our prayers seem to be centering around our fears and anxieties and the anxieties we see in our boys. So the first verse is to remind us that when we walk with God our fears are all irrational because he will provide and protect. the board itself was pretty simple, i used red chalkbaord paint, and painted some little wood circles i got at joanns that i glued on.

Below all this which you can’t see is our changing table, (where we start all our days) so its the perfect spot for us to see the business of our home but also the business of what our hearts and minds should be for the day. What a great place to start off our day with intention.

on a side note across the hall is the new inspiration/business wall, where the mail divider and corkboards all hang….


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