Harvey’s Nursery

When we begin imagining our nursery we knew our vision did not include any of the bedding we were finding in the baby stores. So we looked high and low for something to stuck out to us and we found it, boy or girl, we found the perfect fabric that suited our future baby and our personality. 

The fabric of choice was Michael Miller’s pirate kids fabric.

So my mom and I went to work sewing. We used the pirates to make a flannel changing pad cover, quilt for the crib, crib skirt. we combined it with some fun primary stripes for the bumpter pads and i used the scraps from both to make a bunting which we used as a valance in his room. I wish i had more/better pictures of his nursery but i don’t. here are a few….

I think this one was the first day we had the crib built so the bumper pads aren’t on yet. but you can kinda see his blanket. Above the bed is our son’s name and his cardboard swords (to go with the retro theme). to make the swords and the name we used the boxes from all the baby stuff we got (ie the swing, bouncer, exercauser boxes) and covered them with scrap fabric to match the room. to the side you can see the mobile which was not yet hung. to make it i used two embroidery hoops, yarn, and some little wood pirate pieces that i found at Joanns. the cabinet’s in the corner contained all of his books and clothes and each is tied closed with a rope.

You can see our changing station here, above the changing pad is an ikea shelf and pictures of our little one when he was first born.

and well just because he was jsut to cute not to post his picture here is the little man himself..


Now that we have grown to a family 4 please check back to see how we have updated the nursery to a toddler room/nursery……


One Comment on “Harvey’s Nursery”

  1. Leslie says:

    oh it really is so so darling….. in person too! 🙂

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