Baby = Change = new details

With a new baby and a fast growing little boy the nursery was in need of a change. so i spent some time the last two months updating, adding, changing, rethinking the original designs. Since i love little details those are of course where my planning started….

Since we are in a new home Harvey’s Valance is now being used for what it is a bunting to decorate his wall, and his name hangs beside it just above his big boy bed….

To make the bunting: i simply used some cording purchased for about 29 cents a yard at joanns and the scrap fabric i had left over from his original bedding. From that scrap fabric i cut upside down triangular shapes with the top being rectangular. then then folded the rectangular section in half and stitched the straight open edge closed to make the casing then i ran the cording through the flags and hung.

To make his name: As i shared before my husband used the boxes from all the baby stuff we had recieved and cut out each of the letters. He then glued down batting scraps to each letter and then covered in fabric.glueing the fabric edge down in the back of the letters. 

With these hung i moved on to creating new details for the room to represent the growing boy and his new found freedom to explore…

Because i’m already forgetting how small he once was i needed a growth chart. it just so happen that the pirate fabric was used to make just that in my new favorite book one yard wonders, so i pulled it out and stitched it up. my plan is to trace his hand onto some white felt and write on the inside the date and his hight and repeat that every year on his birthday but i have done it yet. 🙂

Next i made a door stop using the scraps from the new bedding (which you will see if you check back tomorrow). i intended to use a pattern to make it but my scraps ended up being matching cut pieces so i stitched them together, it made for a funky shape but it was still fun! it did take 5 lbs of beans though to fill it!

And lastly i added two new accent pillows to the sitting/nursery chair. i do have plans to cut out and stitchwitch both boys’ first initial to a pillow but i dont have a scrap of solid fabric i like yet. so soon i will….

Well those are the newest details/changes. Don’t worry there is still bedding to be shown….


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