New beds

So along with a new little brother and new decor for his room my little Harvey also got a big boy (for his birthday) and gladly, quickly, gave up his crib. Both of those changes meant the need for new bedding. I decided to put my new found interest in quilting to work. So inspired by some coin quilts a friend has in her kids’ room i went and picked out some new fabric to match the original pirate and stripe fabrics.

I started with Harvey’s bed first…

For his blanket i cut squares of each of the cotton fabrics i had decided to use and stitched them together on the sides. I then cut strips of red felt which i stitched to the tops of bottoms of each of the cotton rows. Once everything was together I backed it with some cozy cream fleece. the whole thing was pretty simple to sew and i really like the way it turned out; especially for being my first quilt.

For the pillow case which you see up at the top i used the one that came with the sheet set and i accented the end with some left over scraps.

When I was done with Harvey’s I moved onto a coin quilt for the future Mr. Levi….

I used the scraps from Harvey’s blanket; followed a basic coin quilt pattern i found online and altered it slightly to meet the measurments of the one i was making. 

and that was it two new bed sets for two adorable boys!

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