Spring top Contest

So did you miss me? I’ve been off having a baby and my iphoto has been off being repaired. But we are both back and going full stream (well iphoto is full stream i’m recovering so the crafting is a little slow) and with a lot to show… Starting with these spring tops.

Over at Made by Rae there is a spring top contest going on. One can submit up to 5 tops for the contest the one rule was that tops had to be made for you and only you. You couldn’t make them for someone else. I was totally onboard. and now its time to submit photos, bummer is non of my tops fit over my prego belly and now with my surgery all i can wear is dresses. šŸ˜¦ Ā (pants/skirts all push on my still healing incision not fun). I’m hoping i can still submit the tops pictured the way they are. Wahoo, i’m getting back to me and so the tops are slowly fitting and being worn/photoed (despite the fact that they aren’t a perfect fit yet given the abdominal belt i have to wear!

The First top i made was inspired by this top made at Thimbly Things. To make it i used Simplicity pattern number 2593 using pattern B. It was pretty simple to make, i had to gather the neckline twice however to get it snug enough for me, otherwise it was a little wide. Overall i’m pretty impressed with how it turned out and i plan to use the pattern again next time using C to remake this top from Anthropologie.

The Second Top was a fun project i made with a friend while our children played. I took the idea from Ruffles and Stuff. To make it we cut out the flowers from lace, the one in the center i painted with some paint i had on hand, the others were already brown with the stones. then i used heat bond to adhere them to a plain old tank top (which i had on hand as i wear them almost daily!)

The Last Shirt i made is my favorite. I have been pinning after this dress from Anthropologie and for my birthday i did get it but the more i looked at it, the more i realized 1) i could make it myself and 2) i’d like it better as a tunic. So inspired i pulled out some solid fabric i had and used the dress as my pattern. This was a bit of a challenge since it is a razor back but in the end the base shirt worked out really good. then i went onto the ruffle collar. its a bit hard to see from the picture but the ruffle goes around the arm holes and around the top of the neck line (starting mid shoulder and going around the back to the opposite midshoulder). I did both arm holes and decided i think i like that better so i didn’t do the neckline but i still have fabric incase i want to attempt it. I also added a lace applique to it which i painted. I plan to be able to wear this top in a few weeks when my hubby hosts a welcome Levi shower for me hopefully it will fit my post baby body better than it fits my prego belly. šŸ™‚

Are you ready for spring? need some inspiration? be sure to check out the tops other’s are making for the spring top contest.


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