May Flowers

I know April isn’t over, but the crafting is a bit slow around here, so i figured i would share what “May flowers” I want to create next month….

I’m thinking some doily coasters

Maybe a Rose cuff...

I’m loving this idea of garden markers….


I may even attempt this frock, if i find fabric i like tomorrow at the fabric store…

But i did get this pattern from sew liberated and plan to make it ASAP! i love this dress that much its going to the top of the to do pile and passing up everything else.Schoolhouse Tunic Sewing Pattern

I like these flowers to, maybe i’ll try my had at some real may flowers…

I’m still on my super girly kick of ruffles and frillies and so i’m LOVING this Ruched Headband

and i’m loving these boxes if i could find a use for them, (then i’ll make them)

Ok and of course i’m still on that jewlery making kick, so i’m loving these necklaceses….

And i dont know why but i love this….

Oh i hope i have time to do all these things! hopefully we will get on a schedule soon and i can get back to regular crafting/sewing!

One Comment on “May Flowers”

  1. […] if i could just find the time to finish the Want to’s from last month so i could work on these then i’d be one happy lady! from → […]

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