100 days- #1

To improve my photography skills i have decided to do 100 days of inspiration. The deal is every day i have to take a picture of something that inspires me. I am excited to not only hopefully improve my skills but to get a new view on my world. So Starting today (an odd day being that it’s not the first day of a week or month) Here is my first photo (well actually 2)….

This photo is my boys! it goes without saying as a mom that they would be inspiration to me. But the interaction going on here is inspiration to me. Harvey (the oldest) spent about 20min just enjoying his brother. Showing him the toys on the bouncer, bouncing it for him, giving him hugs and kisses. All kinds of things. The love and affection shared between these 2 at only a month of being together is such an inspiration for all of us to love our neighbors.

As far as improving my photography skills the only thing i played with the cross process feature on Picnik (on both) and i used the soften feature (on the second). So far i have just used the free Picnik that is with my flickr account for my photo editing, I’m contemplating paying for it, anyone have it? what are your thoughts?


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