sweet & meet

My Wonderfull husband hosted a sweet & meet for me and our little levi this past weekend. He invited freinds and family over to have some treats and meet our little man. He used an owl theme which i love! and i helped him with displays for the dessert bar. Overall it turned out really cute and it was so nice to introduce levi to everyone!

I had so much fun with my hubby making stuff.

The painted owl was his deal, he found it at a thrift shop it was gold and ugly and he wasn’t thrilled with eyes but now that it is painted i think the eyes go well.

The identity jars were a join colabration. my hubby found the jars at Ikea and i went with the chalkboard paint. there are two more jars in the back corner, one has suckers, the other other has the paper flowers. which you can make yourself super easy!

the Chalkboard tray was a dollar store find. the tray litterly cost a dollar at Dollar Tree and i covered it in leftover paint from the boy’s room.

The letters are covered in pages from a childrens golden book i found.

and the cake stand well those are just way to fun to make!

And here is me and the guest of honor in his special day shirt. 🙂

Overall it was a fun day!

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