To Do

Are you a list maker? i’m a total to do list maker. I feel like a to do list help me stay focused and motivated and with 2 kids i am feeling the need to be focused and motivated πŸ™‚ I have things to accomplish and not enough time to do it not with one wanting to nurse every 5 seconds and hte other wanting to drag me around the house to show me lions and trains and vegitales and pirates. πŸ™‚

But since i have 5 minutes to breath this is my to do list (all of which needs to get done before the end of May becuase the first weekend in June i will be at the patchwork show and well most of this is going with me there, and then after that i have a special little girls room to sew for her mommy and another special little boys bumper pads to sew, both projects of which i am incredibly excited for and can’t wait to get started on! but first things first….

Supply shopping:

Burlap, broach pins, moss, spray paint, picture frames, buttons, flat round soaps, Magnets, brass necklace

Need to aquire or buy:

two wooden thread spools (large), a piece of plywood or comperable, basic wood tray (4 sides no handles)

To do:

Finish beading on vases and frames

Final coat of paint on vases and frames

cover binder clips

Package binder clips and clothes pins

scrap fabric flowers

Bunting for craft fair

Cloth diapers (cut and stitch up side)

Branch necklace holder

Bobbin necklace

add hot pad to apron

sew dress, boys shirts, insulated dish carrier, Ty’s shirt, rouched headband

Paint skirt hangers

felt the wool soap

Magnitze ABC blocks

Ok i think that’s it for now. although i am sure i will find more to do πŸ™‚ but maybe i can get a few done right now. πŸ™‚


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