Mother’s day flowers

For mother’s day i always give flowers, but the problem with flowers is that they eventually die right. Well this year i saw this great idea for a substainable mother’s day flower. Its a paper flower that when planted becomes real.

To make them is super simple! first i took some brown paper bags and cut them open so they were flat and then cut them in half. Then i followed this tutorial to create the flower. I used some seeds i got in the dollar section at Target that said were great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. I added the pipecleaner which i stuck in as i rolled up the flower.

and then i clipped the whole thing to the mother’s day cards which had instructions for how to plant the flowers. They were so fun! I even took the supplies to church with me that week so that the kids in our bible study could make it for their moms.


2 Comments on “Mother’s day flowers”

  1. Leslie says:

    love the stamp on the clothespin too. a lot.

    so keeping this in the back of my mine for a gift.

  2. Fawnda says:

    THose are sooooo cool! what a fun idea! 🙂

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