Felt Barn

This is a long time coming, i know!!! I joined the Felt house along @ fireflies and jellybeans way back in march and well with the chaos the last few weeks of doctors apointments and then giving birth and then adjusting to life with 2 my felt playhouse just didn’t get done and blogged. It did however get finished in time to give it to my mom for mother’s day. and She LOVED it!!!! so without further ado (did i spell that right?) Here is the felt barn i made….

Each side has something special that the boys can interact with…. the Corn is textured, the apples are pickable, and the pigs tail is well curly. It was a fun project to make but man was it a lot of work and my measurments were a bit off from the size of my moms folding table. I learned a lot and now when i go to do the pirate one this summer i know a few tricks such as measuring the scenery to the side of the table so that you can makesure it will fit properly on the table and not be to long. 🙂

Well i’m off to play with a cute little man in his fun little playhouse!

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2 Comments on “Felt Barn”

  1. Fawnda says:

    This is adorable! 🙂 I love it! : ) Great job!

  2. allie says:

    Oh my! This is so cute! I found your blog on MBC, your family is adorable!

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