Creative Reuse

My hubby and I got to steal a day for ourselves today and had an a little impromptu adventure. We started off visitng our local Tall mouse as the store is closing and i’ve been waiting to do one of the projects they show off and well since they were closing we went and got the supplies. Then off we went to the LB depot for creative reuse. I heard about it from Carrie over at This Mama Makes stuff and instantly wanted to check it out.

It is a super fun store! If your a “green” crafter its the place for you. Its a small hole in the wall store but they have so many things old books, records, scraps of wood, felt, and leather. They have a lot of stuff that would normaly just end up in the trash including free trade items like egg cartons and what not. I found clothes pins, some spoons, and a square block all for some projects i plan to make over the next week or so and then i’ll show them off.

In the meantime if your looking for some recycled items for your crafts head over there and check it out.

One Comment on “Creative Reuse”

  1. Carrie says:

    So glad you got to stop by. Next time you’re there, there is a crepe restaurant a couple blocks away that is DELICIOUS!

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