turning 30

My hubby is turning 30 this year and I have been dreaming up his party for a couple months now. My inspiration comes from two amazing ladies!!!

The first my dear friend Leslie. Who designed up a little man party for her little guys 1st b-day! I love the mustache pops!!!!

The second my friend Jesi, Well really the idea is her husband ryan’s, but its her blog about their friends old man party that got me thinking. I’m loving the outfits and the golfing and the morning paper and donut.

I plan to condense the two ideas into one awesome party all my boys will enjoy! I figure Daddy and Harvey can have a morning donut and coffee together, then maybe off to a family day of mini golf (in fun outfits of course!) and then off to the real party with all our friends.

complete with felt beards, Mustache lollipops, some Croquet, and chocolate cigars all around! 

i am also hoping that beardhead can make me a kids one, how cute would that be!

Well off to continue planning and to start creating! stay tuned for pictures from the big July event!


One Comment on “turning 30”

  1. Ashley Donahoe says:

    Haha those are great ideas! Ryan turns 30 this year too! I love the mustaches, Logan loves mustaches so much he always has me draw them on his face! Funny boys!

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