If only i had time!

If i had time this month i wouldn’t have time. There are so many things i have been inspired by and want to make. Here are the things i’ve seen over the last month…

Silhouette Chalkboard

Boquet Tee

A tank top with layers of lace on the bottom inspired by an anthro top but i couldn’t find it online to show you. 😦

I want Anna Maria Horner’s new book and the pattern for this dress.


I’m loving these beauties

And jars like those for our new home when we move this sumer.

I think these little cupcake containers are so cute!

I’m loving Grosgrain’s shoe redos!

Maybe if i had the time i’d have the courage for some freezer jam!

Love this wall hanging and matching shower curtain!

and i love the frame created here for a white board.

and you can bet these book shelves are at the top of my to do list when we move!

Loving me some vintage pretties and this awesome Chandelier.

And these inspired me to make a doiley tank top for myself.

Now if i could just find the time to finish the Want to’s from last month so i could work on these then i’d be one happy lady!


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