Patchwork Booth

I shared about all the wonderfull vendors at patchwork but i didn’t show off my booth so here it is. As i said i split a booth with my friends at Mustard and white(whose etsy shop is in the works).

We had envisioned a booth that mixed our stuff but in the end it didn’t work out like that. but i did like how it turned out. it was still fun! we had a prime spot in the shade it was so nice!

My half of the booth. The ladder came from a garage sale from the day before (more on that later!) and the fence looking wall in the back my hubby made the night before jsut for me! I had a different plan in mind for hanging my aprons but then my hubby and i realized my dad had a ton of scrap wood so hubby decided at 8pm that he would nail a few pieces together and make our own backdrop piece. i love it! i plan to use it our new home not sure where yet but it will have a special place for when we aren’t at craft shows!

here’s a close up….

To display pricing i used chalkboards, i really liked them. (note they arent real chalkboards they are frames with chalkboard painted paper on the inside.)

I also used Chalkboard pain covered hangers which i made myself! i love them!!

and for good measure here is a close up of the rest of my set-up…

And Mustard and white….

What a fun day it was!


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