a little this and a little that

Oh Me Oh My i am so not keeping up with my blog as i so desire! Its been just crazy with this new baby, the patchwork show, a large commissioned sewing project, starting a new job, and now we move in a week and a half! I’m like the energizer bunny i tell you going from about 5:30 with the littlest wakes to eat until midnight. lucky for me that little one goes back to sleep just as the big one wakes but the big one lets me cat nap for a few on his bed while he plays before breakfast. its fun i lay there with my eyes closed while i listen to of all things yesterday morning… his instruments! oh me oh my! but this morning we cuddled and watched  a movie and every so often he would lean over and give me the tiniest little kisses on my face. oh bless his heart as mine melts!!! since the littlest was born i get very few kisses in fact the only ones i get are blown to me. all the ones i use to get are now being given to little brother and while that is super amazing i do miss this big open mouth slobery kisses. but as he has matured in the last two months his mouth has closed and his lips pucker and they are not so slobery anymore but rather tiny tiny and cautious as they touch. oh how sweet they were upon my face!!!! Anyway enough mommy brag! i just want to stop in and say hi and let you all know I’m here just a busy bee working away on orders from my etsy shop ( a custom splat mat and wrap) along with orders for friends ( a nursing cover and bumper pads, and a whole bedding/room set!) how cute is the fabric she choose……

Olivia's Holiday TG72 Garden Chandelier Stone by Tina Givens for Free SpiritTina Givens FABRIC - Fairy Tip Toes - Chandelier Medallion - GreenTina Givens Silhouette Polka

oh am I loving it!!! I wish I had a little girl it is exactly the fabric I would choose for her!

on top of all that my head is spinning with all the finished projects I need to blog, amazingly my personal to do pile is complete minus the shirt I need to finish for my hubby! hmmm wonder if i can get that done by sunday…..

and my head is now spinning with all the things I’m gonna make next month for a new home (that is when all this is done!) and all the things I want to cook (I’ve been a busy chef lately to)

oh well I can’t complain though i love being busy just wish i had more time to blog it all! well I haven’t gone anywhere just busy doing a little this and a little that. but I’ll be back around here hopefully this weekend to get some posts up  so please don’t stray far!


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