Apple Quiche

I love Quiche! I love Chocolate! I love Zucchini! I love a lot of french cooking recipes! I found a cook book a while back that combined all of those 4 loves. It is from the author of the blog Chocolate & Zucchini and there are some amazing recipes in it including an apple brocoli Quiche. Which sounded AMAZING to me this week. So I decided to make it. But for anyone who knows me you also know I tend to alter recipes (sewing patterns to) to fit either my personal taste buds or out of laziness (usually I don’t have the ingredient and don’t want to go to the store so I work with what I have).

The recipe in the book starts with making your own crust. I didn’t use her recipe but I did use one i found this last week in a Martha Stewart magazine that takes me all of 5min to make at the most. I made 4 up the other day and put one in the fridge for this week’s Quiche.

Then you move onto the inside of the Quiche. The recipe in the book calls for brocoli, apples, goat cheese, all kinds of stuff. I decided however I didn’t feel like brocoli so that got left out and I didn’t have Goat cheese so I used Cheddar which I usually use in Quiche. I also used a different combination of milk and cream then she did because I have had poor luck with equal parts and tend to have better luck when I use more cream and less milk.

To make my inside i used 3 eggs, 1/2 cup whipping cream, 1/4 cup milk, grated cheese (to taste, but prolly a cup’s worth) and 1 apple (pealed, cored, chopped).

You bake it 350 for 35 min. and then let it sit for 10 min with the oven off.

Oh my if you like baked apples this was yummy! So yummy in fact that i didn’t get to take a picture before it was gone! But I’ll make it again soon and get a photo of it then!

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