June Gloom

So i am 22 days late but better late then never right? I have been so busy with our move and my little boys and working that haven’t had the time to share with you the things that brought a little sunshine to my face in june. So here is a quick look at what i love in June.

I’m loving the cheeriness of Pot Holders, Owls, Water Colors, Father’s day gifts
The prettyness of Engraved Burlap, Glass Etching, Pretty Necklaces and Candle stick fun!
The yummyness of crustless quiche, homemade vanilla, some blue glass, & inspiring clothing.
and oh for the home the things i am thinking for my doiley stash and embroidery hoops….
a linen banner, doiley runner, pillows, and a family tree.
Oh june so many sunny things you brought in the midst of your gloom, now to find the time bring the sunshine in my home!!!

2 Comments on “June Gloom”

  1. Leslie says:

    Can’t believe I made this cut of gorgeous things…. really… what a yummy list… of course I’ve been swooning over that runner, but that trifle bowl. CUTE.

    and ironically itchy pillow, had a sad death yesterday (thank you very much Cade!!).. boo.

    • domesticday says:

      oh of course you made the list! i love your pillows you made!!! and i’m so sad it died. 😦 maybe it can be repurpsed?

      & don’t you love the trifle bowl i’m loving the machine/software i keep seeing that was used for the etching image.

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