Susan Branch Summer cookbook

The Summer Book Surprise Package: From the Heart of the Home

I have a ton of cookbooks, not as many as my mom and grandma who each have a room in their house dedicated to their cookbooks; but i have a lot. I hate that idea of them just sitting on the shelf and never getting used. I mean be realalistic when you have even 4 cookbooks with over 50 recipes in them a piece if you made one recipe a day that would still take almost a year. But let’s be honest who cooks like that? Most of us cook the same tried and true recipes over and over. (especially if have a picky eater in your house like me) After staring at all these books for the last 5 years or so i have decided to do something about them. I am going to go through each book (one at time) and cook all the recipes that sound yummy to me. I figure its a great way to branch out and try new foods plus who knows what tried and true recipes i will find right?

I started with one of the smallest books first, its The Summer Book From the Heart of the Home. Its not very thick and considering its summer the recipes would be fitting to the heat outside. I tried 2 recipes a potato pie & strawberry ice cream. The rest were a lot of sea food dishes that remind me of summering on the east coast they sound yummy but not might sort of thing (at least not for family dinners that is).

The srawberry ice cream was delicious. Its all done on the stove & then stored in an ice ceram maker (although i stored mine in tupperware- hey its what i had! 🙂 ) It took about 10-15 min & was just a mixture of whipping cream, sugar & strawberries.

The Potato pie was what i was really looking forward to & boy did it hold up. It is one that is going in the tried & true file. It can be made a head of time & kept in the fridge till your ready to bake. The best part is like Quiche it can be done a million different ways & served anytime of day!

To make it you will need:

5 idaho potatos

1 cup of grated cheeses

Whipping cream

Butter Flour

and then any additions you’d like such as bacon bits, broccoli, anything you’d put on a baked potato would be great or dont add anything adittional at all.

To begin:

1) Clean & quarter your potatoes

2) boil them til the can easily be stabbed with a fork

3) drain & slice into thin pieces

Next you’ll make your cream sauce (You can double the ingredients here to make more sauce)

1) melt about 2 tbl spoons butter in a pot on the stove

2) add 2 tablespoons flour & 1 cup whipping cream

3) stir until thick

4) remove from heat

5) add potatoes & stir coating the potatoes

Now to finish up

1) pour sauce/Potato mixture into a pie dish (be sure to coat it with butter first)

2) top with cheese & any other additions you desire.

Now you can either cover & put in the fridge til later or you can cook it @350 for about 30 min.

I warn you the recipe serves 8 we cooked it 4 & really it was not enough for us. It would make a great side dish or dinner for 2!

Well onto pick the next book…….


One Comment on “Susan Branch Summer cookbook”

  1. Ashley says:

    Bravo! Have you seen Julie and Julia? This post makes me think of that movie, if you havent seen it go rent it, its so cute!

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