I Love Crepes ever since my hubby & I went to Paris for our honeymoon I have been in love. We ate at this little creperie around the corner from our hotel almost everyday. Isn’t it a cute little hole in the wall? it was run by a little old man with a pipe & his daughter who spoke a bit of english….

Anyway since we returned we have been wanting to make crepes. We had tried once before and they just didn’t turn out so we had settled for store crepes that you add your ingredients to. Until a couple weeks ago when i decided to try again! I bought a cook book a few months back called blinis & Crepes I pulled it out and made the Crepes Dentelles recipe. It was simple and easy and turned out great. They are basically a crepe stick. Then last night i thought i’d get daring and so i made chicken and cheese crepes.

If you want to make one for yourself here’s how….


1 3/4 cups all-pupose flour

1 cup superfine sugar

good pinch of salt

4 eggs

3 cups milk

4 tbl spoons butter

vanilla extract

Cooked chicken

Grated cheese

How to:

1) mix together flour sugar and salt in a bowl and make a well in the center.

2) Beat eggs and add the milk, melted butter and vanilla extract

3) Pour egg mixture into the well of the flour

4) Melt a knob of butter in a well-heated crepe pan (i use a 12 inch flat skillet pan from martha steward it has 1/4 inch sides but still works) Pour a ladle full of batter onto pan and coat pan evenly pour extra batter back into bowl.

5) As soon as the crepe begins to bubble I fold it in half using a very thin flat metal spatula (the one i use is a martha stewart fish spatula)

6) flip crepe over (once it changes color it is done- it doesn’t take more than a minute or 2 for each crepe to be done)

If you just want a sweet crepe stop here, as soon as the crepe turns color it is done take it off the pan and roll it up. eat it hot or cold. If you want an entree crepe continue on….

7) immediatly after flipping crepe put some chicken the center, top with cheese, and fold the sides of the crepe to make a triangle.

8) let the cheese melt and remove room heat. Enjoy.

You could make these so many differnt ways add strawberries, ham & cheese, banana, nutella, honey, carmalized apples… you name it you could do it breakfast lunch dinner or dessert there is a combo that will work!


One Comment on “Crepes”

  1. rabbitstylenews says:

    I don’t have the ingredients on hand, but aw man I’d love some crepes right now.

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