The coolest Daddy

As far as my little man is concerned he has the coolest daddy, why you ask. Well his daddy built him a water table today! Harv loves to play in the water; actually that may be an understatement. He loves to splash, pour, water is his thing! As a result my  hubby and i have been scheming about making him a water table to play with in our new back yard. We had some time to spare this afternoon and so daddy got out the necessities and got to work. It took about 20 min, some scrap wood, and a storage bin that was hanging out in the garage. And that little bit made our little boy’s day!!!

2 Comments on “The coolest Daddy”

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  2. SUCH a great idea!

    Vince loves to play in the water that is left in the back of his tricycle basket after it rains, I never htought of making awater table!

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