Time out

Ah Time out, can someone put me on time out? What is it they say 1 min for each year of age. Oh that would be pure bliss almost a 1/2 hour of mommy and mommy alone. 🙂 Most days around here are good, i have pretty decent kids but even on our best of days we do have the occasional time out. In an effort to not only being consistent but to help my one year old understand what is happening we decided to have a time out spot. the spot is not actually a spot but is a rug that can be moved around our house or go with us when we are gone. We purchased a $1 rug and hubby drew and painted the word time out on it. Its not super fancy but it has served its purpose well. Our little man knows exactly what it is for and he sits on it waiting to play again. well most of the time. sometimes the super cute side of him looks up at me while i resist the laughter and shrugs his shoulders as if to say what did i do?!?!?


One Comment on “Time out”

  1. Ashley says:

    LOL! Harv’s face is classic. When I out Bray on time out it is definately a time out for me too bc he gets really quiet and just sits haha. Love the rug!

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