July Loves

So i’m a little late posting the things i lust after from July, its been a busy month (hence the lack of posting on my part) But non the less here they are…. They are a little more random as my mind reaces between decorating our new home, Christmas planning, Birthday planning (Harvey will be 2!), and  just my general love for being crafty and all things pretty.

Speaking of all things pretty these are things i’m lusting after for myself…. A rose wreath for the door this spring (or maybe for winter),  a new dress, and a Lace/pearl necklace.

For the kiddos, i’m pondering how i could adapt these things in our home or maybe i will let them wait until my future daughter is conceived; a Doll house, a beautiful quilt, and an awesome repurpose kitchen!

For our home i’m toying with designs for curtains like this one with vintage style or this one that is more fun.

For room layouts i’m loving the frame’s on Disney’s wall and her jewlery holder, as well as the lay out of this couch and built-in (which is similar to the one in our house).

For storage i am loving these bins but i think i like them in burlap the best just not sure where to hang them…

For Christmas I’m loving these for my boys a fishing rod, marble travel game, juggling balls.

And for the girls & baby’s due this holiday season i’m loving this welcome kit, t-shirt headbands, and a pleated pillowcase dress.

Oh Gosh there are so many pretty pretty things to make, and this summer is offering so little time. Hopefully the fall will bring a nice change of pace and time to craft!


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