Summer has ended

The 'I Will Get It Done Soon' NotePad, Eco-friendly, 4x8.5 inches, 50 sheets

Oh yes summer has ended & my favorite season is upon us, FALL!!! i love Fall i love everything about fall, for any one who knows me this should be be a surprise. i love fall colors, oranges and browns. I love fall clothes (i usually wear them all year cause they make me happy) i love the change in fashion, weather, and i LOOOOOVVVVEEE fall foods like pumpkin! (another thing i make of point of doing all year!)

With my love for fall also hopefully will rountine of a “normal” routine. we started tot school this week, which i will be sharing a bit about on my other blog Intentional Motherhood, I started a new bible study last night at church, we start MOPS on thursday, & two other bible studies at the end of Β the month. With all of those it means its schedule time around here, no more do what we want when we want, we got places to be and things to do on a clock! I love it!!!! i’m a schedule girl i get more done on a schedule and with a to do list, they hold me accountable! With that said that means i will be back to regular blogging, i dont know that it will be a daily event but it will be atleast an every other day event (its on the schedule after all). Ahh let the crafting and blogging begin!!!

with all that said summer has been busy and the crafting and photography have taken second to kids and busyness.(thank you those of you who stuck through the summer reading my sparatic posts) But to start of the season right i want to show you a bit of the projects that are getting accomplished around here….

There is calander being made for the kitchen wall complete with a bulletin board and chalk board.

There is a picnic table being built.

There are stations being created around the house for my tot!

Christmas gifts being planned, such as shaving cases and Fish games.

& lastly a new blog design is in the works!

Well guess i better get off to my projects and complete today’s to do list! But before i go check out etsy for your organization needs this fall, such as the cute to do list above from Paper squid


3 Comments on “Summer has ended”

  1. brookiellen says:

    i absolutely LOVE fall also….especially being pregnant now I have been dying for the nasty heat to end. but there is nothing better than the colors, hoodies/jeans/boot weather, and pumpkins!!! πŸ™‚

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